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  1. Remember a few years ago when you and I were side-by-side in terms of post count? Those were the days; secretly competing for a higher post count. When was that... two years ago now?
  2. Anytime. And yes, this does mean I willl be coming back. I have just had problems in my way, things such as my girlfriend and stuff but it has all been sorted now and we are still going strong. It will be good to speak to you again and the rest of the guys. See you around the forums!
  3. It's been great, man. And thanks. I'm sure you remember me in my old... less tranquil, shall we say... days. Does this mean you're coming back? You were definitely a great community member way back when we used to chat. I'd love to see you around again.
  4. Schaffin my good friend. Long time no speak! Congratulations on the promotion, only just came back from a BIG break and just noticed then. Sorry about that, haha (: How's life been treating you?
  5. Hey man, long time no speak
  6. Linux King!
  7. Hey man, going great thanks.

    I haven't visited this site for a while, but I just thought I would visit this sight once again and it has some awesome changes. Glad most of the features have came back, and I am about to come back too. Just didn't have the old features so I thought I would just take a little break.

    What about you, mate?
  8. Linux, my man... How's it going?
  9. Sorry for getting back to you late. Yeah, the update isn't that bad. I don't like all of the extra space there is on the right side of the forum, though. With a mouse like the one I have, it's easy to end up moving over to the side.

    All in all though, if they could get some things fixed, I'd be happy.
  10. Hey mate, how you doing?

    You liking the recent update? I think it looks nice. Could do with a few implementations here and there, though.
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