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  1. Yeah I can see it going on for a few more days though, back on Saturday is my prediction...
  2. I know. I just hope it's back soon
  3. This whole PSN situation sucks ***!!!
  4. Who's motorcycle is this.. I'ts a chopper baby.. Who' chopper is this? It's Z's baby, Who's Z? Z's dead baby... Z's dead!
  5. probably not, will wait till it drops in price
  6. Are you getting Crisis 2 this week Z?
  7. Ah ok cheers.
  8. No, not really. Last rumour thing I heard was from GAF about Starhawk possibly being revealed in a couple of weeks.
  9. You got any Sony gossip?
  10. Yeah, I was happy with it. Resistance 3 was all I was hoping for and I got it, along with a new Ratchet game too.
  11. Was a GOOD Gamescom!
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