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  1. Nice one!!
  2. Damn the inney or outey thread didn't get the chance to get out there...
  3. Still no PS3 bob?
  4. Bob Fossil.
  5. Thanks bob man. Shame it got shot down in its infancy...
  6. all hail the OP of the squirtle thread *bows*

    made my day
  7. I'm finished with that, just other random stuff and job hopping
  8. What with uni?
  9. yeah dude, i just haven't got round to putting some aside to get a new ps3, just been unusually busy
  10. Still no PS3 Bob?
  11. did u get the move?
  12. Man Fifa 11 is looking awesome!!!
  13. If theres any justice it will win thread of the year lol.
  14. haha, it's too good, I've taken a back seat, it's hilarious just watching you lot though
  15. Man you gotta love the Cat = bin thread lol
  16. check out my pet pic I posted Bob LOL!
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