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  1. Yo
  2. not bad, hows it going
  3. hey, how have you been mate
  4. hey
  5. Cool Skyrim will take up a lot of your time!!

    Yeah not bad being playing Fifa UT a lot
  6. yeah not to bad. back at uni now so the first month or so is always a bit caotic. forum time has dropped dramatically and the fact that i have bought 3 new games already this month and with skyrim on the way ive actually been playing my ps3. which is good in a way i suppose.

    what about you ?
  7. hey hows things?
  8. can't even remember now. think you gave me rep for calling somebody a thug.
  9. ??
  10. what was with the rep for the thug comment
  11. wish there was a like button for your last vm
  12. Nobody else will...
  13. smooooth... writing on your own vm wall
  14. was quality when he slapped Puyol across the face in the Nou Camp tunnel lol!!!!
  15. is my god
  16. Jose!!
  17. Damn the inney or outey thread didn't had time to blossom...
  18. lol at ytour comments, the thread could of been a classic
  19. saw it before i saw the notification

    and i like how you think of me
  20. Check out the squirter thread lol...
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