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  1. Yeah I think I best give up on her. Anyway, like I said in my post, if I had someone else to think about then I would forget all about her.
    This new girl started at my workplace last week and they paired her and I up together. I was just very sociable and could easily talk to her, which is strange because I'm a shy person. Anyway, I never thought at first, "Yeah, she's hot, I want to try and go for her", but a workmate was joking that I should pursue her. And one of my best mates who works with me reckoned she and I seemed to hit it off well.
    I'm not particularly thinking about making a play for her, but she has been at the back of my mind, so I'm just going to talk to her and see what happens. Hell, she might even have a boyfriend already, since I only just met her last weekend.
  2. I see. If you want, keep an eye on her and see if you do actually catch her looking at you. However, I'm no expert, but if you choose to approach her I feel it should come across as casual, and not specific, like you're going out of you way to talk to her. I hope you get what I mean, and you probably already have this notion in your mind without me having to tell you. Basically, I mean if you have to work with her, or are in the same location, like in a library or something, then just throw in a "Hey" or something, and just ask what she's up to - but totally your call.
  3. Well there is this one girl. We have never really talked but I just get this feel about her you know? I thought a few weeks ago that I caught her staring at me from across the table in class. I don't really feel much in terms of motivation to talk to her honestly. She's very cute and all but I'm just meh about it. In my experience women seem to push things away and ignore them when they don't want to 'deal' with stuff. Her not responding to you sounds like she isn't interested. You may want to just drop it, but I don't know the specifics so I really can't say for sure. That seems to happen to me a lot though.
  4. Completely. Yeah I hope things pick up for us both. Have you got your sights set on anything?
    Like I thought, it's almost been a week and that chick I was gonna go to the movies with last week hasn't made any contact whatsoever with me.
  5. I'm just happy to hear that I can point to SOMEONE in this world and say this guy gets it! This guy knows where I'm coming from! I hope your situation improves and I hope mine does too haha
  6. I know what you mean. I've liked quite a few girls in my time (unsuccessful with all, so I'm not a playa), and I've yet to find one that's nice. I might have missed one or two here, so that was my fault, but the rest have been nuts. They're so narrow-minded and just want the "poster boy" as their guy. Shameful.
  7. Keeping that soft spot happens to me a lot. Touched on that is my post. Always want to cute ones to be nice....except they rarely seem to be. For me anyway.
  8. Appreciate it, bro.

    I don't think I'll ever get this chick completely out of my system. I know that she's a prat, and whoever said "men were pigs" must have been sexist. Part of me is always gonna have a soft spot for her.

    I gave an honest response to your query in the thread by the way.
  9. No problem man. Need all the advice/feedback you can get!
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