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  1. Throughout my entire time doing this, I've only depended on three or so tutorials and even so I can't follow them properly. I can relate in not being satisfied with just following them so instead I just started doing my own thing. Of course I seek inspiration from other sigs by looking at them but I don't attempt to make inquiries in how they achieved them, instead I forge a vision in my mind on how I want my sig to turn out. When I first started out I was never any good and heck, I've even given up once for being crappy but it was through encouragement from others that I continued to make them and better improve myself. I may not be the best designer but I can make something that I can be satisfied with.
  2. I know the forums are still very alive! I get tired of trying to find something new to do ya know? All I find are the same tutorials over and over. Its boring and I don't know how to find something that's different looking. Its like 'oh look its another C4D or smudge tut...BORING.' Either that or the thing looks like shit. I've found it hard to find any decent tuts. I still like making things but damn I need something new.
  3. Don't feel pressured my friend. I'm just trying to get as many designers to participate as possible. I want to show that the GFX forums are still kicking!.
  4. I dunno i haven't really been in the mood to make anything. Ill see.
  5. Will you be entering this week's SOTW event?. It will be great if you took part in it along with everyone else!. Do it.. for the dinosaurs! >: D
  6. Thank you, podsaurus!
  7. Oh happy birthday!
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