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  1. Loyalty obviously means jack **** to you because, as you remember, you were my friend first. I would've thought that meant something to you but, no, clearly not. Jumping at the chance to meet Melissa (and my daughter) soon as I was out the picture was far more important.
  2. I do see it from your perspective, but as you remember you were/are BOTH my friends, and i have seen you so why shouldn't i go see her when she asked? And it's not really my fault i saw your daughter to be honest...
  3. See, even now. You haven't stopped for one second to try and see it from my perspective - my supposed best friend running off to meet with my ex, who I still have/had feelings for, and my daughter - who I barely get to see as it is. Put yourself in my shoes for a second and you might begin to understand why I'm so pissed off.
  4. Uhh whatever
  5. No, it's really not. You may think it is and, really, thats what pisses me off most.
  6. No...No you cannot. And yes it IS silly
  7. Can I not?

    It might seem silly to you but not to me. You won't understand.
  8. Well that's just mean...You can't hate me forever for something so silly.
  9. Alright.

    *Adds to Ignore List*
  10. country. Stop me
  11. Why are you even posting on my wall?
  12. ****y Mc****Nuggets <3
  13. Only gay for you babe
  14. You're so gay.

    But I do love you...
  15. You bum boy
  16. I heart you more, buttwipe.

    Looks like quite a few people are going to this PlayStation Beta Room shindig. It's gonna be epic.
  17. <3
  18. Yay, you're my friend.

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