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  1. Whichever works but honestly It would be best if, Kwesnoth man won since I prefer his banner over mine, Lol.
  2. Fine! Btw you tied with Kwesnoth (banners). I thought 2 days was enough for the tie breaker poll but what do you think? I asked the same thing to the Kwesnoth.
  3. I'm going to bed. Next time I log in I want to see a message from you with a pic of your face attached to it. =)
  4. Yes.. I can feel the power.
  5. You are not normal're a Supreme...a DS member, embarce it.
  6. Ummm...I dunno
  7. Pttf, who doesn't?
  8. I will always love you
  9. O__o
  10. I love Fon Man in a very homo kind of way.
  11. I said that you look awfully familiar, like someone I knew back in, High School. I don't believe that I know you or who knows. I've been to, California a number of times before but only in, LA.
  12. Wow, I didn't even noticed this until today. Thank you kindly for the birthday message!.
  13. Happy b-day!
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