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  1. Well, now that summer vacation is finally here, I would have all the time in the world to work on signatures. I might go do that now.
  2. You were searching for pony pics? j/k ponies kick ***

    Gah! it's not luck, it's inspiration. Just pour your everythingness into your work and you'll be amazed at what you can create but you will need more photoshop knowhow to get that image in your head into visible pixles. But I can't force anyone into making sigs I can only encourage when I see potential in someone .=)
  3. I actually didn't make that signature. D: I found it while Googling for a good Pony picture.

    Also, realistically, I'm not too good with signatures. I just get lucky with a signature and then use it here.
  4. Yeah she's pretty cool. You know you have talent. Have you ever thought about joining the Design Squad? =)
  5. Thanks! I dare say it makes the rest of the site look dull. (in tone, brightness, and color) Which is why I wanted it, but I never expected it to stand out this much. I keep getting comment after comment on it. I guess everyone just loves Rainbow Dash.
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