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  1. Thank you, you beautiful creature.
  2. Sure. Do whatever you please.
  3. Dude, this shizz was genius. May i sig quote it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Rapture View Post
    Normality is overrated and uninteresting. I find myself to be rather eccentric and different to how most people act, and I enjoy life a lot as a result. Instead of watching shitty television and working until I'm exhausted, I work minimally and strive for greater personal enjoyment. Over the past two years I've taken up writing, learning German (plan to learn another language eventually), and drawing. I do aspire to write a book someday, and also to travel the world. I feel quite abnormal.

    There's a lot of finer details I won't bother mentioning. The point is: fuck society, live your life your way.
  4. fYI I do like your posts and what not. Keep that on the record!

    "Oh, you're just looking to be flattered. If it helps, you're one of the more likeable members here. You don't carry a bad attitude like some people, and your posts usually add something to the thread. As for myself, I try to make my posts as intelligent and insightful as possible, but I get the impression I'm fairly overlooked regardless. It happens. The funnier members usually get the love and attention"
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