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  1. still can't sort out the MSN update... gonna have to remove it and reinstall it.
  2. Alright man. Add [email protected] when you get it all up and running.
  3. Msn
  4. I understand. Facebook can be time consuming if you permit it to be. Are you downloading MSN or AIM?
  5. I closed it last year, I just didn't have time for it.
  6. I have to download the latest version, Im downloading it now.
  7. Haha yeah, no one really uses IM anymore. I still get on for the hell of it, but it's definitely not as popular as it once was. I think I have you on FB. I could always chat you that way.
  8. let me see if i can remember my password, I haven't used it in ages lol.
  9. Do you still have IM man? I'd love to chat you up like old times.
  10. Doing good Schaffin, I dusted off my ps3 and finally put it to use with a copy of MW3. How about yourself?
  11. Hey man. How've you been?
  12. Happy late birthday lol... yeah bruh time does fly by, and everything is been good with and around me so far. how bout on your end?
  13. It's difficult for me to believe I joined PSU when I was 13... and here I am having just turned 16. Crazy how time flies. Anyway how've you been 23?
  14. Up for a chat?
  15. I have an idea.. You should get on MSN. :P
  16. lol yeah for sure.
  17. We really have some catching up to do, bro.... lol
  18. I'm going to have to hunt you down...
  19. hey bruh.. I will eventually get on. lol
  20. TwentyThree.... we have a ton of catching up to do, bud. Get on MSN.
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