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  1. all thanks to you.
  2. ah look at you all dressed up n stuff. You're welcome.
  3. looks sick.. thanks
  4. no rush
  5. yeah sure the avy can come a bit later.. I'm eating right now.
  6. can you do something with my avy... match it up a bit with the signature?
  7. aaah shiieet.. looks sick.. Id rep you but im a noob lol and do we even have SP any more? thanks man.
  8. preciated man.
  9. Alright sounds good.
  10. Oh alright well if you get a chance could you do a lil something for me... freestyle on some God of War **** .
    No rush..Take your time.. sub size.
  11. Yeah I still make sigs. The new PM feature is crappy on this site so I haven't checked em in a while.

    Let me know what you need.
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