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  1. Omg ! My friend i miss you $:
  2. ;___;
  3. Awww its a long story ! anyways sweetie how have u been ? (:
  4. Where you've been hiding .
  5. Who missed me
  6. ahem ahem

    guess what

    im baaaaaack

  7. Where have you been hiding
  8. *hugs*

  9. :P
  10. Poking is always possible with me! xD

    i know long time no see. I've been busy to be honest D: well you know I got a job, living my life <3 didn't have for teh internet. Alot of thinges have happened actually>.<

    Anyway how's you? I missed u btw =D
  11. thought poking was only possible on facebook (: How you been?
  12. *pOKES*
  13. lol good point/s...
  14. Coz it looks REALLY ugly and it doesn't give me the will to come and post here! it feels like I'm visiting some old boring forums, like those in 2000's forums were just simple and WHITE! and that hurt the eyes O__o
  15. lol i see... and meh I don't, but it might change. why does it bother you so much though? lol
  16. Sleep drink play move work hang out. Like we all do the same every thing EVERYDAY! xD

  17. *pokes back*
    Work work work.... you?
  18. *Pokes*

    Yo what have you been doing lately?
  19. ill be very carefull next time lol
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