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  1. LOL, totally hearing you real life has kept me a bit too busy to be on the forums. Gaming on the other hand has increased ten fold. My better half (now my fiancee) is an avid gamer and we spend most nights on Modern Warfare 3. She's even in my work MW3 comp and holds her own .
  2. This is my first visit in months! Hopefully I will have more free time and can stop in more often. Lately with work, and real life responsibilities I no longer have the time to devote here like before. Also my game playing days are dropping rapidly. I am lucky to get in 5 hours a week. No complaints though!
  3. Hey man great ot hear from you, I'm on and off here adhoc, new relationship plus I've managed to keep myself busy with MW3 BF3 Drakes Fortune 3 and Assassins Creed. Stay in touch though man cause I'm not planning on ever ditching this place. Too many epic awesome times have been spent here to not still be a part of it
  4. Are you still around often? I may just be making a comeback around here my good sir.
  5. Dude you will be so missed on the staff. You have always given everything you have to offer and I have much respect for you bro. All the best bro
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