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  1. 31x xp today until the 2nd!
  2. Ha, thanks, good to hear. I'm heading over now, but I'm not sure if I'm getting it today.
  3. I would say go for 2 Behe. You can get The Sacrifice DLC too and play on No Mercy, so best of both worlds. Plus the Mutation mode in 2 is also good.
  4. I'm leaning towards left for dead 2, but they are both $30 at Best Buy (where I have a giftcard) and Left for Dead 1 has the Survival DLC pack included, but i've already beaten LFD 1, and was wondering your opinion? I'm probably getting 2 either way, but I was wondering what your thoughts are.
  5. Happy 105 Behe.
  6. lol, indeed.
  7. Long time no chat, :-]
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