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  1. Are you alive buddy?
  2. Well, i could see that, BF3 is nothing but shooting people. But im not bored of it yet, i barely played. You should get skyrim, or Batman AC. Anyway, are you ready for christmas?
  3. got bored with BF3 now my friends are forcing me to get mw3 lol
  4. yeah i play QC and rush
  5. Hey man! Have you played conquest in BF3?
  6. yoooo weso
  7. thats becasue they hate you :P
  8. I had mine like that, but the Mods made me change it back.
  9. it looks sic tho
  10. It was something you could purchase at the vBshop, but its not available anymore, so the people who do have it can't change back.
  11. brah how do you make ur name POP like with a glow around it?
  12. im just that awesome ay lol cant go wrong with blue mate lol anyway what are you up to
  13. Bravo, very thought out! Your a poet and you don't even know it.
    Plus, I can always go for the good ol' baby blue!
  14. just dont go to pink haha you want the chicks not d!cks lmao
  15. I can wear pink at the least...
  16. dude i thought you was pink WTF!!! chicks dig pink brah
  17. I don't have a girlfriend, I think its cuz Im black...
  18. ay well you could call her my hobbie i guess haha
  19. So, its doctor -_- who? And have you found a new hobby besides surfing? My favorite doctor name is Doctor Panus, for multiple reasons... Oh, Im good, Im a little busy with Basketball and homework, besides that Im doing almost nothing.
  20. been heaps busy with training and other things how bout you? my bros psn is doctor-_-who hes a loser lol
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