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  1. It's been awhile since I wrote that last message. Everything seems to be going better. We had a revolution and slayed most of the mods. At first, my army was low, however, a bunch of new members came and we overthrew PSU! I was injured because some of the incompetent members didn't watch my back while planting the bomb. If you were here then you would've had my back and it wouldn't been such a hassle. We need to run PSU again because I'm 90 percent recovered. I'm glad you taught me monkey jutsu for I fear I would've died out there without that style. The monkeys saved my lives and I remain in debt to you. When you come back, we'll take our throne as Kings!
  2. The forums has gone to hell. Monkeys are climbing and throwing poop everywhere. The mods have gone mad with power. I'm trying to survive but to be honest i don't know how long i'm gonna live. The mods are taking down everyone who questions there authority and everyone is afraid to speak there mind but i talked backed to vintage yesterday and they put me in a hole with no food or water. I didn't think i would survive in that hole but by some miracle i made it out and as i type this i'm in fear of the mods monitoring this. This may be my last email because i believe there on to me and if they catch me then i'm gone for good. Keep me in your prayers for you'll be in mine.
  3. LOL a triple post? Peace out and i'm a guy!
  4. lol my bad
  5. :O take that!

    p.s. see ya man or woman? what ever you are
  6. :O take that!

    p.s. see ya man or woman? what ever you are
  7. :O take that!

    p.s. see ya man or woman? what ever you are
  8. You know why your monkey is happy? Cause i gave it to your monkey hard!! shes good to
  9. Like I did your sister?! VB the master of comebacks
  10. Don't just wish it, do it
  11. I want you to die so bad =(
  12. Right after i break the owls neck.
  13. Probably hivs
  14. :O What kind of problem? a positive one? lolololololol
  15. We're going to have a problem then
  16. So what if it is?!!!! hmph!
  17. That's your mother's shirt.
  18. Oh I'm sorry, here's you shirt.

  19. Come on, bro, i just bought this shirt.
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