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  1. I'm still around, i just dont post in the same threads as you. I dont even post in that thread about counting anymore, its boring
  2. LOL I get a message notification and I'm like:
    "I bet its wesmore, he's the only one that messages me"

    I'm good man, haven't seen you around.
  3. Hey man, how have you been doing? I haven't talked to you for awhile.
  4. Fuck.You.
  5. Too.much.colour
  6. My profile is awesome right!?
  7. 914 rep, Im making a comeback, slowly, but surely !
  8. Oh, but it is...
  9. :O (you wish that was the case)
  10. You don't know!? Wow, I thought you would.

    About a week ago, I too maxed put my rep bars, so I had a talk with the mods and admins and they decided to give me another one, as you may have noticed I'm already half way through my second one.
    Go ahead and ask Vintage, he'll tell you everything.
  11. HA!
    I have less posts then you and I've maxed out my rep bar
  12. Boy has 468 posts and he has as much rep as you
    He'll catch up to me soon enough *damn it*
  13. STFU, , im just jealous...
  14. I currently have 1162
  15. 731 to be exact.
  16. How much do YOU have?
    I'm guessing you have 768
  17. How much do you have in your control panel?
  18. remember the time you were rubbing it in my face that you had more rep than me? Well look again sonny! *evil laugh*
  19. no particular reason, just curious
  20. Wes is the first half of my first name, and more is the last half of my last name, and 24 is for kobe Bryant. Why you ask?
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