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  1. Oh yeah forgot about the usb method. Thanks.
    One should know such things, never know when shit hits the fan and your system fails.
  2. Yo man

    I tried the direct ethernet connection between them, it kept giving me issues and wasn't working - under System settings it's called 'Data transfer utility'
    So I just did backup/restore instead; just plug in a USB storage device with enough space and go to backup and it just transfers the data onto the usb hdd, mine took about 6 hours for whatever reason. Then on the new PS3 just plug the usb in and go into the same area again but choose restore, and that took me about 1 hour

    The shitty thing about backup/restore is that it doesn't transfer over your game installs, and games/demos DL'd off the store - just your videos and pictures and shit. Data transfer utility (ethernet) trasnfers all that shit over , but it just wasn't working for me
  3. Hey,
    Since you have experience with the backup/restore utility on ps3 I wanted to ask you how it all worked? Do you have to connect the two ps3's together via usb/ethernet or something?
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