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  1. Awesome! can't wait to see. =)
  2. well i through a quicki together one of my classes got canceled tomorrow so i found the free time to wrap up another sig
  3. Daww! I wanted to see. *sad face* but education is far more important than signatures so give those textbooks a piece of your mind. =)
  4. i'm busy new semester just started up and i don't have too much time to fool around on photo editor. I've started 4 or so sigs for SOTW and never finish em!
  5. Ah, I'm glad you like'em.

    p.s. why don't you make a sig for the sotw?
  6. i won't cus i usually post from my iphone, but...i love em
  7. Everybody asks me that! Are you planning on using them? because they're all mine!

  8. where do you get those 'dorable lil monkey emotes?
  9. Thank you!
  10. Love your new sig. its Killer!
  11. why would i ever do a foolish thing like that hehe.
  12. Be my friend?
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