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  1. It was a sad fight, and a sad day for mexicans. Cain and Marquez lost.
  2. yea brah, watched it online
  3. Yo, did you see the Cain Velasquez fight?
  4. First I had it all lakers colors. Then, Don didn't like it, so I changed it. When I went to change it, I nade all the default white to black, and all the default black to white.
  5. wtf happened to your page? lol

  6. No worries. I should have known because my time is AEST
  7. Its tomorrow, but thanx.
  8. Happy Birthday, bro
  9. kewl
  10. I was 5'7 6 months ago. My friend is 5'9 but his whole entire family is like 5'5

  11. I don't care about height and my genes suck. I was 5'7 when I was your age.
  12. OH, i'l be taller than you by tomorrow. lol
  13. lol 5'9.5
  14. So, how tall are you, 3'8?
  15. No, i never knew my real dad, and my step dad is short. I should hit 6 feet this year.
  16. just curious. your heaps tall for a 13 year old. is your dad tall too?
  17. 5'9.5ft why you ask?
  18. how tall are you
  19. you mirin' brah?
  20. What the hell is wrong with you man? Are you retarded?
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