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  1. It looks awesome
  2. New user-title request, completed.
  3. New user-title request

    JACK3D in 000DD

  4. thanks, man and dw about it, it's all good
  5. Thar. Yellow is a little bright though.
  6. oh okay. sorry for the delay. i didn't know you replied until now. i don't normally go on my profil and i didn't get any notification for some reason :/it's disabled now but it says test
  7. You have to go to the shop and disable it from there before I can change it.
  8. hey man, i want my user title changed to Lift.Eat.Repeat.

    Lift. = EE0000
    Eat. = 0000EE
    Repeat. = CCFF00

    thanks, man =D
  9. Hbd.
  10. Not a clue. Sorry, dude.
  11. hey what's the cut-offs for the rep points bar under my user title?
  12. Nevermind.
  13. It's not porn, is it?
  14. Coming from someone that has a vageen simulator
  15. All porn is horrible.
  16. All mods are

    By the way, I was just reading your infraction and one question. How did you know the porn was horrible?
  17. Course.
  18. You were just looking for an excuse to ban me
  19. lol idk. I like it. It's probably the best logo i've seen other than the adidas one.
  20. What's with the sudden obsession with PSU logos?
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