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  1. I bumped the thread =)
  2. its nice when they make it easy like that lol.
  3. The only thing that takes a while for me is the verification. I don't know why but it takes ages to open up a message with hotmail. And yea, it's annoying when people do that. On this other forum i moderate, this one guy i banned for insulting a member came back with another account even though it was only a 7 day ban. He named that account 'ModsAreFags'
  4. its not hard to make another account fast though, all you need is an email address. ive banned people before and they come back 5 mins later with another, and another, and another.
  5. Haha. That explains it. I was thinking how you made it so fast.
  6. ha ha yeah, made it back in 2010 when the forum got hacked and my mod account got perma banned.

  7. Is ropey your account?
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