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  1. Why you catching up to me in rep?
    Your our junior, stay that way!
  2. Anytime. Silver is just an ass kisser
  3. Sweet. I appreciate the feedback, Itachi. You're way awesomer than Silver.
  4. okay, so do you see the speech bubble button while posting? its probably next to video button.When you press it, it will make tags like this:
    [QUOTE] all you have to do is post the link in between, and rename the "quote" to "spoiler"
  5. neither do I but I spam the forums anyway
  6. I have nothing good and insightful to contribute to those threads.
  7. I don't see you often on the forums except the counting thread. Any particular reason?
  8. Sweet! My 1st friend up in this b****! Thanx for the request.
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