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  1. Yeah I mean I'm not ignoring the RAV role for Noel and COM role for Serah. They are pretty even. I'll start on the SAB for Serah then
  2. You're doing a good job. Another role for Serah you should pay attention to is "Sabetour". Both of them make good sentinels.

    What I did was I developed my paradigm roles evenly. I wouldn't have it any other way, but that's just my preference. You're doing right, Noel is stronger than Serah, but Serah has a higher magic strength.
  3. I was wondering what paradigms I should focus on for my characters? Currently I'm leveling Noel as COM and SYN, and Serah as RAV and MED
  4. Thanks I will.
    I just started, maybe like 3 hour into it.
  5. Hey,

    I recently beat FFXIII-2 not too long ago, so if you get stuck anywhere and need some help, you can always ask me about it.

    Enjoy the game!
  6. Hopefully
  7. Thank you for answering my AC2 questions. I hope AC3 will explain everything.
  8. This is in reference to your Assassin creed 2 questions:
    'The Truth' video shows Adam and Eve running from something (the Gods perhaps) and yes I too have no idea what the ending meant;
    she said something about the usual end of the world right (I don't remember).

    Apparently brotherhood's ending is even more confusing, but I have played it yet.
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