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  1. Lol not me. :P
  2. i don't think you were breaking the rules though just by being wrong
  3. Lol, no hard feelings at all.

    I kinda left it alone because in the end you proved me right. the whole state bit. Since the definition didn't just stop at describing probability as a state that means the sentence was to be taken as a whole.
    Probability = "the state of being likely or probable." = positive term.

    Also, I stepped back a bit and was watching to see were things were headed. Remember if a conversation starts to go to far south, stop responding and report the person if they are breaking the rules. The staff will see it.
  4. yeah, i haven't read the rest of the thread because i dont' want to get further into another arguement with metfanant, but hope there are no hard feelings. about me being right :P

    **** it, found it interesting even if we can't argree, and probably never will
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