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  1. Lol well you better learn it this time!
  2. I got probation for defending myself against Princessdavid and Gameboy they are teaching me a lesson LMAO
  3. What the fuck happened at Wii U now!? LOL!
  4. Oh shiggity! Work has been kicking my ass i will share it on the forum looks like we got some little shit talkers LMAO
  5. What's up homie? Everyone's missing you back in Wii U Forums
  6. Lol oh alright. Yeah I saw someone say something about wanting you to return or something. I was like what the hell?
  7. Well dman broski LMAO atleast i get an email when you do PM me.....I took a break from WiiUforums for about a week im tired of going back and fourth with the Mod staff there LMAO
  8. No shit Sherlock
    That's why I just pm you now lol
  9. I never get notification when i get these VM here LMAO however you already know LOL
  10. Hey D, what happened over at the Wii U forums? lol
  11. I have all my systems hooked up my Wii U is on top and my Ps3 stays chilling in the middle LOL
  12. Lol well lets see when I hook up my ps3 again. Have limited space so only have the Wii U hooked up lol and rough start for the Packers so far. But that jackpot will be mine! Lol
  13. Bro add me on PSN DeviousOnePSU and prepare to fork over 2k sp later! LOL
  14. Sir

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