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  1. likwise, me i have my family and you guys which are an extended family... So all is a one whole wish come true for me
  2. You sure do my friend. Hope Santa was good to you
  3. Well i always bring the magic home
  4. Lol Claud3 you always brighten up my day one way or the other.
  5. Well never going to burn you at the stake for this We are too good friends that miss the " CHAT "
  6. That is maybe I but always have time to chat mate.

    You all set for the holidays?
  7. Good friend thanks, never worry about the late reply. we all have lives and that never stops
  8. Sorry for late reply. Usually on my phone so never see visitor profile messages! How are you doing? Everything ok?
  9. I am good thinks friend and yourself
  10. No problem my friend, i am on my phone

    So torrow we can chat
  11. Sorry man just seen this, will check out all the vids on your recommendation.

    How are you doing anyway man?
  12. You are welcome and i say, please do check out Gophervids on youtube. He is freaking awesome and funny at unexpected times... Hope you go through the links provided, you will get there quicker
  13. Really enjoyed watching those Videos with Olaf! Going to sub the guy and watch his journey thanks for posting
  14. Here friend, check out my elder scrolls group. I have added a couple of new threads with videos
  15. No problem friend.. I am going to be adding more in the next couple of days, i hope to have 3 pages doe by that time
  16. I will do mate when I get a little bit of time. Seem to have so much to do but not enough time to do it these days. And again sorry for taking so long to reply, damn tapatalk! Lol

    How are you doing anyway man?
  17. Friend, i have updated the elder scrolls group with over two pages of back history and it is growing
    Have a look and see want you think
  18. My friend i am happy your happy and gutted you might have to get another PS3. Me i am on my 8th Xbox360 and it is a freaking nightmare

    Friend i do not have a PSN anymore, i do not ever game online. Because i can not stand it, sorry friend
  19. I'l make more time for you I'm pretty damn good man just gutted aboit this ps3. Think i'm going to have to buy my fourth ps3! Can't be missing out on GTA V!

    Will you be getting it? If so i'm going to have to hit you up a friend request on psn
  20. No need to say sorry friend, i am sorry your PS3 is being a bitch and you can not play...We never speak to each other that much and i am gutted friend

    How are you anyways... Me i am good thanks

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