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  1. I wanted to get your opinion on something since you're studying film. My professor for our film class said that a good way to make money in this industry is to get good at writing/writing screenplays so that you could sell it to whomever. Is that true? The other thing was: I'm really interested in cinematography...would you say it's easier to get a job in that than writing/directing?
  2. Yea, I have the Blu-ray shipping now and it would've been great to see Franco get Best Actor but he has time yet. I'll let Colin have his, he's been in line a bit longer. Franco will have his chance in time. Now that he's out of Spider-Man and has an Oscar nom for this movie he'll have much more opportunity in the future. Though he picked up Rise of the Apes which won't do him much but that won't hold him back.
  3. 127 hours got raped badly least a best actor win..
  4. I know what I'm getting next tuesday on blu-ray.
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