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  1. Haha, of course I remember you Sharky !! You were part of our little group !!

    I've started a new university course in England now..just finished my first year, so I've actually made the move over there for most of the year. I'm back home for the summer atm though and I'm already bored out of my mind.

    So how are you? Keeping well I hope? Unfortunately the forums don't have the groups anymore.
  2. Omg Dave! I didnsee your post. Sorry I sort of have been over run with messages and was trying to make sure I didnt miss replying to one. Guess I failed at that

    Didn't even think people would remember me lol.

    Anyways, how ya been, school, and any other such news?
  3. I don't get a reply then?...fine *HUFF*
  4. Shark...YOU'RE BACK !!!? WHOOP !!
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