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  1. Hey.

    Yeah, I have been learning to drive..Wednesday will be my 15th lesson and then I have to stop them and start them up again when I got to Portsmouth.

    I really can't wait for uni now..less than 3 weeks and I'll finally be flying over.
  2. Hey sorry i've not replied in a while

    You've been learning to drive this summer? How's that going lol? You been up to much else? Getting really excited for uni now? I can't wait to go back
  3. Welll, you've always been a bit of a globe trotter haven't you? I don't even have my passport yet.

    I had my tonsils out when I was 13, I still remember how much it hurt...was so painful.

    Yeah I am really excited..I just found out where I will be living now as well. For the summer I just have driving lessons and lots of exercise planned. Need to get a bit fitter before I leave.
  4. Lol well i guess you are right. Went to Thailand at Easter and Paris a couple of weeks ago and i'm going Ibiza on Sunday for a week I'e got tonsillitis atm so i'm hoping that clears up before i go

    Ohh yeah i bet you're well excited! Have you got anything planned for the summer?
  5. Well hopefully you can post a bit more, though if it is anything like last summer I expect your will be away on like a billion holidays, right?

    Im doing great, I only have 2 months left before I finally leave home again and move over to England. I really can't wait to get away.
  6. It would appear so lol. Got a bit of time over summer so thought i would pop back on here How you been doing?
  7. Thank you, are you back for the summer then?
  8. Happy Birthday
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