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  1. Congratulations man! You've deserved it
  2. Im playing 3ds remake which came out this year but it was orginal out 1998
  3. Sounds like you have a lot of fun playing it. How old is it?
  4. Yeah legend of zelda orcaina of time is stillone of best action rpgs ever you can do so many different side quests some quests are optional but help alot if you dont learn epona song as a child you cant get a horse as an adult thats all optional
  5. Is the story epic or someting?
  6. Lol well im playing the prequel which is when gannon was still human you start as a child then play as adult link
  7. The only time i played with Zelda, Link, and Gandorf, was in mario smash bros.
  8. Basic story you play as link and you have to save princess zelda from gannondorf by using the triforce
  9. I never played Zelda, whats it about?
  10. Ive been hooked on zelda.for 3DS its awesome
  11. It was good but a little disappointing, you should like it though.
  12. Nice! Rise of planet of the apes looks awesome
  13. I saw Horrible Bosses and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. They were both pretty good.
  14. Nah i havent sorry and you ?
  15. Im good. Did you see any good movies lately?
  16. Not to bad ty and you ?
  17. Hello, how are you doing, Chille?
  18. Hey, you decided to stay! Thats great, how are you doing?
  19. Are you actually leaving? I hope not.
  20. Damn phone to hard to type fast on
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