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  1. It's the number in the url of the thread. for instance the counting thread's id is 218188
  2. I would like to have the american version, however, if it's too much trouble then don't worry. :P
  3. Well, atleast i have 2 games there's the silver lining
  4. Thought so UK uses 50 hz tv USA 60 hz HDTV shouldnt matter though
  5. Angry birdsis working and flower but on ff9 it says you can't play this game on the current TV resolution
  6. Good luck
  7. It's cool. I will figure it out.
  8. Hmmm well deathspank is a loot em rpg. I dont know off top of my head sorry.
  9. All kind of games. especially rpgs.
  10. Hmmm not really what type of games do you like most?
  11. any suggestion?
  12. Yeah just buy download then log back into your normal account. As long as the account you bought it from is still on your ps3, it will work
  13. So i'll be playing with a bunch of uk people now? it worked and thank you once again.Also,whatever i download on here can be used on my american accounts? excluding DLC
  14. Correct, Scarborough is town, Region is North Yorkshire post code is bottom letters.
  15. I don't know where none of that goes. i'm guessing scalby road is a street address?
  16. here you go the post offices address
    Post Office
    Newby Post Office
    401 Scalby Road
    YO12 6TQ

  17. I'm not good with this Uk stuff. where is your Uk friendliness? :Snicker
  18. Just find one online lol
  19. can you tell me your street address, state province, and postal code
  20. Next month tops maybe in 2 weeks the plot has been written im working on next one because its gonna be.alot more elaborate then current one
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