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  1. Hooray it's your birthday! Happy birthday!
  2. Now you're asking for it you second class British citizen.
  3. Fine.

    You're not a massive troll.
  4. I wouldn't really call that an insult to be honest. It is the truth after all, and I revel in it.

    So yeah. You're a loser for messing up a simple insult.
  5. Haven't insulted you in a while.

    You're a dick.

    Cya in a week.
  6. Oh yeah? have a face for radio!
  7. If your life had a face I would punch it.
  8. Well that's what makes me so unique. I don't want to be one of the sheep (get it? cause sheep are drones of people, and also cause you have raunchy sweaty sex with sheep? HA!).
  9. I don't think I like your tone...
  10. Thanks
  11. Someone must have made a mistake. I'll let the people in power know.

    Just kidding, congrats mister.
  12. Well, that took a while.

  13. Took me 5 days, but hello there sir.
  14. Hello.
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