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  1. Happy Birthday.
  2. Dang, for my PS2 collection i have about 19 and about 7 PS3 games. How come you didnt send me a friend request yet?
  3. Really, i feel sorry for you, that's like a crime here in America
  4. Wow that an amazing i can't trade games at all or rent...if u buy a game u have it for life...
  5. I pre- orderd it already, i traded in LBP2 and Super Street fighter 4 and got 51$ dolars store credit, great deal hu?
  6. yeah i have already saved the money for it........cuz it just sound and looks mind blowing...

  7. Are you planning to get Resistamce 3?
  8. Night gamer here lol
  9. kool, i am probally gonna play in the afternoon.
  10. maybe i will meet ya online then
  11. Im gonna play online tomorrow.
  12. Nope, i just plan to play my PS3.
  13. Doing fine so far...what about u any plans for today
  14. Hola, how are you doin?
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