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  1. If your computer is fixed or working better, can you make me a sig visually similar to my avi?
  2. My laptop is fucked
    See this topic >
  3. Do mind if you make me a new sig pic? The last one was good, then after like a month of usage the picture got replaced by the words "no hot linking" Please?
  4. Well, im glad your back, I played Mk online for the first time, and i hated it.
  5. Yes unfortunately I did die. BUT I SURVIVED!!!
  6. Dude, did you die, you haven't been on for awhile.
  7. Tell me about it, its Effed up. But we will get another copy
  8. Damn , sounds like someone is in serious need of anger management. Thats just wrong.
  9. Well, first of all, he is a sore loser. So, anyway, i was kicking his a** on a 2 vs 2 match, i won 4 times in a row... then, he got upset , threw his remote to the wall (it broke). Then, he took the game out and, well, broke it in half. Ridiculous ain't it?
  10. wtf lol how did your dad break it?
  11. I haven't played MK lately because my dad broke it. Anyway, how are you doing?
  12. I was too. I was think: out of alll da damn characters! It should of been Blaze.
  13. I think it's fucking retarded. If I wanted to play as someone not part of MK I would've played a non MK game.Another space (That could've been for someone cool) wasted

  14. Kruegar right? I think that its kinda weird, but its MK. They will give him kool powers. What do you think about it?
  15. So what do you think of the 4th DLC choice?
  16. I already checked it out. Did you master Kenshi?
  17. Check the mk thread for the answer
  18. No, not yet. Any news on the newest DLC Character?
  19. Rain is out this week, Did you see his vids?
  20. I didnt get kenshi. Didnt Rain come out?
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