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  1. A sequal would of been nice. But the Spartans would of won the war if they had enough money to get 300 RPGs, there would be no stopping them then.
  2. Yea, i think they always knew they were being sent to their deaths in order to get the entire Spartan Army to fight.
    Too bad there hasn't been a sequal yet to show what happened after.
    Shows like Spartacus has been filling the gap though.
  3. Oh, i was wondering what happened. Sucks that the small Spartan army died towards the end.
  4. Indeed!
    For some reason i wrote that on my profile instead of yours. Doh
  5. Of course, who hasnt seen 300?
  6. Lol, it was sarcasm right?
  7. Nice warning sign you got there.
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