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  1. i think he is usually working on 10 different things like CS:GO, dota or working with other companies to make the steam sale happen. I'm sure he'll end up making it once he gets through his other projects and watching my little pony with his children.
  2. I wasn't much into Valve games, and then I stumbled upon the Half-Life Wiki....

    Everything connects. Half-Life to Portal to everything! Why does Gaben take so long for HL3? D=
  3. that doesn't change the fact that he is a fucking moron.him sibal and Rahul Gandu fucking idiots.
  4. Have you seen Mayawati or Jayalalitha? Have you seen how the Congress has to tend to every beck and call of Mamta Banarjee? Indian political system is blatantly corrupt, yet I just feel this guy is a little better than the rest. A little.

    I honestly feel we are choosing the lesser of two evils every time there are elections in India.
  5. not really that dude is one of the biggest buffoons in Indian political system.
  6. Digvijay Singh? Hmm, better than some of the other CMs out there, even though he isn't in office anymore.
  7. The irony is that both the 2 Indian designers left here are in kinda similar situations. Life's cool for me, though got **** loads of school work, and studying to do. Board exams start from the 10th Jan onwards, so kinda busy with that.
  8. happy new year.
    life's good...Other then exams...its all good.

    studying like a mofo as i slacked most of the year.

    hows you/your life ?
  9. Been a long time, eh bro? Happy New Year! How's life?
  10. been alright.

    recently had my pre boads done , still have one subject left which is on tomorrow.
    other than that been working on my fitness & whatnot.

    hope you catch a break mate.could do with one myself tbh.
  11. Late reply is as late as hell. Sorry about it bro.

    Been swamped with all sorts of work. Exams back and forth, plus tomorrow I'm coming down to Bombay for my residential project (basically helping the poor people, and villages around Maharashtra). I really need a break now. =(

    How've you been?
  12. how goes life cy?
  13. could have just told me that some important **** was going down in your RL.
    when will this thing end?
    i might have to boot you if its over a week , you can rejoin when you get the exams etc. over with...
  14. ****, ****. I know, MC. I'm so sorry. Just so hard studying for SATs and all the other exams. I will do one for you by this week bro. I am so sorry. =(
  15. dude you need to step your game up or i'll have to boot you soon.
  16. but duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudeeeeeeeeeeee , i have school too :P even got a ****ty test coming up from monday , but i guess thats the difference between you & me.

    alright , glad you entering sotw though
  17. Sorry bro. Just so busy with school and life. I'll try making one this week. =)

    How've you been?
  18. dude why ain't you entering the sotw's :/
  19. arguably
    most of the Indian actress are skinny ****s so i don't really like them but vidya,malika,katrina are awesome rest are just too darn skinny...
  20. Man, Vidya Balan must be like the hottest Indian chick EVAH!!!
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