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  1. Yes, you are a tit.
  2. Only just saw your birthday message, I suck I know.
  3. Happy birthday you sexy bitch!

    No pic for you this year seeing as tho you dont 'get' them
  4. ha you cuntstick!
    fanks ;0
  5. Saaay whaaat? What have I done to deserve such a great honour?
  6. I heart you <3
  7. No worries dude hope you're having a good one
  8. Christ I'm dumb, it didn't click that you posted that as it was my Birthday! Thanks
  9. I'd rather fund Al Qaeda than give any money to the people who run this site
  10. are you coming back under the bridge? (subs)
  11. I have no idea what you're on about love.
  12. is this poorfag ready to return to greater things yet?
  13. Too used to DS3 so PS for moi
  14. FIFA 12 - 360 or PS3 for you?
  15. TBH, when it comes to multiplats it gives you the option of getting the "best" one. Like when there is a clear difference. Other than that yeah not many exclusives I'm fussed about either. The online is just miles ahead.

    IMHO, not realllly worth the money for those reasons, save it or buy a few good titles for PS3
  16. Kinda tempted but then again there aren't many games i would get on it? I guess the onlt ones would be gears,and give halo a whirl. prob stick to the ps3 for multi plats (fifa etc)
  17. Pretty good tbh, I got the console only for 149.99 so that seems a good deal if you wanted that game.
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