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  1. lol yeah that's what i meant,when it is out.
    dont you go videoing my shiz if we join up for a game! (not without my consent!) lol
  2. not right now i'm not, but i definitely will be once it is out. send the request.
  3. i thought i did dude, i added you from kwes' friends list?
    are you blackopping?
  4. send it to f34rtehsp4rtan
  5. i sent you a friends request on Live but you deleted it, you fiend!
  6. Linky?
  7. Because I had really, and didn't intend on replying to any threads; I just had to log on to reply to some PM's I had since you can't do that from email. Then I saw the way that member was treated for the supposedly erotic messages; which qualifies for the Moderation of Shame thread. Especially when you have a couple dozen *** rape replies all over the forum. Meh... same ****, different day.
  8. Why were there whispers that you had left?
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