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  1. its all good, i stole it from one of the older members here
    used it for IT when i was still in high school.
  2. Just so you know, I stole your text effect
  3. i've found it, its called clipping masks

    i imagine the process should be similar for other photoediting software
  4. i think its called layer masking. i think... essentially, in photoshop, you can put a layer behind another layer, whatever is white in the foreground will turn transparent and show whats behind it. in may case, i've added a wave filter to dialga, put that layer behind the text and the effect is what you see

    it does have an actual name, its not layer masking...its a masking or sorts
  5. for your dialga sig are you using some layer mode to get that effect in the text (the texture inside the letters)?
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