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  1. I see you found my sig-edit
  2. so all I need is your paypal email,

    congrats on the job, I've done that before
  3. I paied about 20 for three years, it seems to be cheap
  4. IT technician, glamorous name, dont let it fool you, i do babys work....nice if you can get it

    just checked my ancient paypal account, it doesnt even have cards linked to it anymore, they all expired , is it possible to use that amount you send without it going into a card?

    20? is that the yearly amount?
  5. ahh whats your job?

    I can just paypal you the ~20 it costs if you like?
  6. would love it, but my first paycheck is due in 2 weeks, i can pay you back via paypal if you could?
  7. yo poorfag, you want subbing?
  8. happy mother****ing birthday bro
  9. oh jeez, sorry to here about yo paps man *hugs*.... thats ****...
  10. thanks bro

    ima try to be less depressing and go watch some films
  11. damn bro, sorry to hear about yo dad *hugs*
  12. skypery?
  13. when your sub runs out, just call me. I'll fix it
  14. but, cooo'
  15. godamn it, stop calling me !

  17. ahh well, twas fun as it lasted
  18. not fast enough, I've forgotten who i was competing with anyway..
  19. I see you are rapidly acquiring internets

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