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  1. Well Im home tonight..I also bought Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 yesterday for this So I'll have to get started on it tonight before I pick up Black Ops tomorrow morning from my local HMV where it was preordered.

    I sounds like I am going to spend more time on my PS3 this weekend than with my actual family.
  2. yep, and i finished it on wednesday
  3. But it only came out on like Tuesday didn't it? lol
  4. AH, i thought you were home last weekend ! LOL
  5. What? I don't get it til I go home this weekend !!
  6. you finished Black Ops yet Dave??
  7. cool, hope you enjoy it mate
  8. Woooo, thanks.

    lol, I found out in a birthday card from my parents that they booked me a driving lesson for later.
  9. Happy Birthday mate !!!!!
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