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  1. hopefully yeah, i quite liked the beta, missing the staff stuff but life is too busy right now
  2. Yeah I know what you mean, there was no way I could have kept on as an Admin while R/L was beckoning. On the up side was chatting on PSN to Ubernerd the other day with the pending release of Starhawk looks like bit of a BnW reunion on the horizon, LOL!
  3. LOL, due to lack of free time i have now left the staff for the time being, i hope to be back at some point though
  4. LOL, I'm hopeless, has been so long between visits I lose track.
  5. thanks mate LOL, been modding for a while
  6. Hey tooney, you made mod, congrats mate Sorry... it's been a while since here so hence the very late congrats!
  7. Thanks Tooney
  8. happy birthday BJP
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