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  1. yeah been good, a bit under the weather though. lol and yes the falcons got slapped around by the packers! sad really
  2. wut up bruh...haven't heard from you in awhile how
    s your new year. How about those Atlanta Falcons getting there butts whipped by the Packers
  3. its ite, single player is fun but multiplayer needs a lot of work...definitely trading it in for black ops
  4. hey bruh, hows that MOH game i see you racking up all those trophies on facebook...hopefully im able to get my ps3 back this week if not probably go out and buy a new one.
  5. nah trying to complete the game on normal solo before playing co-op on hard with a friend...dont think ill play competitive mp matches
  6. what up bruh have you been playing gears of war 2 on-line. I been busy working i only get game a little at night and mmy off days.
  7. not yet, i already paid it off but havent picked it up yet, ill trade in GRAW2 and SC:conviction to pick up AW and red dead by next week
  8. hey man u have Alan Wake? If so how are you liking it.
  9. Wat up!!!
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