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  1. Just went by, it looks like you didn't post in it. But thanks for making me one regardless.
  2. I made a sig for you. It's in your thread if you didn't see it yet.
  3. wow. i think your the only person that picked up on that haha. dre is a perfectionist. i just did a wiki on it and found out that detox was actually spose to come out in 2005 but he decided to focus on other artists in the aftermath label. it will also be his final album
  4. knew about it way before that...around when Eminem's Encore album came out..on the last track of his CD when he does the shout outs, he's like "and don't worry bout' that detox's comin'..2006 lets go!" something like that..I'm still waiting for it to come out..but at this point, I lost all my faith on the release date..this guy won't release is wrong with him?!
  5. aye how did you know bout detox in 2007?
  6. **** Happens
  7. oh ****..LOL, my bad...thought you were being serious in that last post lolol
  8. What what what? What ice-cream sarcastic joke? I want ice-cream.
    It's a lyric from 'What's The Difference' by Dre and other L.A rappers like Xzibit.
  9. when did we beef? that whole ice cream thing was a bad sarcastic joke on my end, I meant no insult lol
  10. yes.
    '**** the beef ******, i miss you. and that's just being real with you'
  11. and Eazy E's pay day was HIV/AIDS
  12. 'Dre Day only meant Eazy's pay day'
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