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  1. your dead!
  2. that gif dont open????!!!! pig
  3. BRING IT!
    I will just hypnotise you with a can of lilt!
  4. your dead. you and your fish and chips with a pint of stella
  5. tis ok now dude, was just wondering how best to rape,mug,hang in threatening gangs etc all whilst wearing jeans that hang off your arse? Got it covered now i think...

  6. Whats up? PM me
  7. I need some advice pal...
  8. BNP member!!
  9. psssst.... dont tell anyone this, but i fucking hate scousers!!
    I am still a manc you know!
    go stick yo nugget cock in some jambalaya
  10. Ham eating, chip butty wanting, reebok classic wearing, lacoste loving motherfucker
  11. LOL! u shit ass fuck pig!!! thank you for liking the last black man on psu. i got mad love you pal. now, go eat some fish and chips!
  12. You know you suck right? But because you are one of the remaining black men on here, i have to like you to fill up my race quota.

  13. You like that report?
  14. You bnp member!!!!

  15. Hahaha! You have my blessing
  16. hell no bro, im thinking of even sig quoting it!!!!
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