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  1. Nope! Vita size only I am afraid!
  2. Hey man, do you have any of those superhero vita walls in a slightly larger size?
  3. - Rayman pics in the first post. Beautiful Rayman pics.
  4. Are you ready to roll?
  5. I can handle Heroic, but not sure I could handle legendary. I mean, you beat the shit out of my when we actually battled.
  6. Well I'm at work now. I'll be back later on and will be online on dc89 pretty much from when I get home around 6PM UK time so any time after then is good.

    I solo'd the campaign on Heroic first time around. I'm up to like mission 4 or 5 now on a Legendary run.
  7. K, I'll add it when I get back. Got to help my uncle with some grass cutting, then I'm free for some campaign. What level do you usually play on?
  8. Haha! Tell me about it. I'd have stayed and played campaign but I had to be up this morning just after 5AM so I needed a good sleep. Make sure you add dc89 too. That's my old Xbox (which I since gave to my bro) and sometimes I'll play on that one.
  9. Haha, you flying around with your little jetpack...BAM headshot.
  10. Nice, yeah we did not play too much longer there, I'm gonna start construction on a big complex above the first hanger, so should be cool.
  11. haha awesome! My GF decided she needed to write on her blog (quite popular one btw - but it wouldn't interest us, its about fashion and girl stuff) so I snuck a quick 30 minutes on the Xbox.

  12. Wasn't expecting you since you said you would probably not be able to play. That was my sister that jumped on.
  13. Well that was fun.
  14. Hmm, got to work tomorrow. Maybe another time.
  15. Doubt the GF will let me play much tonight lol. I'm on it tomorrow though for a few hours.
  16. You up for some reach later? I'm building a pretty kickass fort on the forge world.
  17. Cool! The Xbox is on now, I'll accept it a little later on.
  18. XBL friend request sent.
  19. Yes sir I am.
  20. :O Your back!?
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