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  1. I do indeed my friend, working my way around the mod stuff. I'm just not green in name yet lol
  2. Do you have access to the MOD section now?
  3. I'm half way through it right now. Soooo epic thus far. I tend to take a break during most episodes because its so awesome I like to savour it and stop to think about whats happened so far. <3 me some Dexter, thanks heaps
  4. Did zhu watch Dexter?
  5. WOOT! I'm nipping out now so it will be there waiting for me when I get back! Awesome stuff.
  6. LOL that it is! I just got home from work, about to look for my cameraaa. I'll post it in that same thread. Lol @ your excited level
  7. It's photo day!
  8. Hahaha okay I will tomorrow
  9. Please take a photo of your Pokemon game collection. You saying you have them all boxed has me dying to see them for pure nostalgia.
  10. omg yes, the new Mario, Super Mario 3D Land or whatever its called looks as good as Super Mario Galaxy on Wii. I am le impressed
  11. Same with me. And to make things worse Mario Kart and Mario 3DS out this autumn/fall too. (
  12. Haha I see what you mean, but early reports said that the 3DS battery life is 3-5 hours.. and its never 3, its always fairly decent, and comes with the charging dock you just chuck it on.

    I think the Vita will be the same where ususally you get 5 hours out of playing.. its still low, but I think when Sony commented on battery life they just played it safe maybe?

    I still want both, there is some awesome games coming out for both. Poor, poor bank account of mine
  13. So looking at Vita with it's 3 hour batter and expensive ass memory cards being a 3DS owner is not all that bad! More games and it will win hands down. I'll still get a Vita though lol, but maybe not right away.
  14. hey man i added you on 3DS

    my code is 0946-2299-1334

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