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  1. Nah, just curious.
  2. it was made for me ages ago, not sure who did it but the thread should still be in the request section if you feel like searching through it.
  3. Where'd you get that sexyful sig?
  4. Happy birthday man
  5. It didn't take me long.
  6. so you finally worked out who it was lol.
  7. For having such a love for Miranda Kerr. I'm suprised you don't have a sig of her.
  8. Riight. Cool thanks.
  9. honestly i havent got a clue. best of asking Coma or Cuguy that one seeing as they control the sp anyways.
  10. Hey man, would you be up to helping me with a question? Does subbing up still get me 15k sp?
  11. Nice to see you back in a seat of power man.

  12. yeah not anymore lol.
  13. Retired my ***.
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